Tuition & Donations

Grace Christian School is a Christian elementary school operated by the Canadian Reformed School Society of Flamborough, Inc. GCS does not receive provincial or federal financial support and is primarily financed by its membership using the categories outlined below, with the majority of funds coming from tuition paying families. GCS also receives financial support via regular donors, voucher programs, fundraisers and corporate donations. GCS is blessed with a dedicated support base of non-tuition paying members and donors which allows us to lower tuition fees for families. Please visit our About GCS page to read more about our membership, supporting church community and history.

2022/2023 Membership Categories and Amounts

Category Description Monthly Amount
1 General Membership $185.00
2 Pre-Tuition $500.00
2 (KG) Eldest child enrolled in JK/SK $750.00
3 Tuition $1000.00
4 Youngest child finished elementary $350.00
5 Seniors/Retirees $165.00
Donors Non-voting contributors any amount welcome


Below we have tried to answer some typical frequently asked questions.  If you have any questions or would like to donate to GCS, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

Q. What is the Pre-Tuition category?
A. Prior to an eldest child attending GCS, each family is expected to have contributed the equivalent of one year’s tuition, spread over the two years prior to the child attending Grade 1.

Q. When do I start paying Pre-Tuition?
A. School payments start in July. i.e. If your child will start Gr. 1 in Sept 2019, pre-tuition OR kindergarten memberships start July 2017. Full tuition would start July 2019.

Q. What is the difference between Pre-tuition and Kindergarten (KG) Membership category?
A. If you choose not to use GCS JK/SK, pre-tuition applies. If you enroll your child in the JK/SK at GCS, Kindergarten Membership applies (only for your eldest child). Full tuition covers the cost of kindergarten for any younger siblings.

Q. Is the Tuition rate per child or per family?
A. The tuition is a family rate. The rate is the same regardless of the number of children attending.

Q. Is bussing included in the Tuition?
A. Yes, GCS provides bus service, which is included in the tuition amount.

Q. When do I start contributing?
A. Right now or whenever you are financially able to do so. All donations are welcome and every dollar counts. Every non-tuition donation received will help reduce tuition fees and also increases the tax benefit for tuition-paying families.

Q. Will I get a tax receipt for my donation?
A. Yes, the school society is a registered charitable organization with the CRA.  With respect to tuition, the portion of your contribution that is eligible for a tax receipt is the donation portion only. This is calculated by subtracting the ‘cost-per-student’ amount from the total amount contributed.