Safe School Week at GCS

Posted by GCS Office Admin on 11/27/2019

Last school year Grace Christian School (GCS) formally established its Safe Schools Committee and it’s commitment to fostering an environment characterized by genuine Christian love. As part of this work GCS participated Safe Schools Week and engaged in various activities with the purpose of building relationships with one another and exploring how we can continually demonstrate this Christian love towards each other through friendship.

Activities happened in cross-grade groups called Colour Houses which were established last year and allow students the opportunity to learn from one another and build friendships beyond their usual classmates. Colour House activities will continue to occur on a monthly basis throughout the remainder of the school year where students will continue to learn about the greatness of God’s love for us all, and how Jesus is the ultimate role model for our lives, demonstrating kindness, compassion, empathy and above all LOVE.

In addition to this work, teachers are busy making important curriculum links in the classroom, where students are learning about how we can care for God’s creation, which means caring for ourselves, others and the world around us. Research continues to demonstrate a strong link between health, well-being and academic achievement.  

Therefore if we continue to love and care for both ourselves and others this will not only be fulfilling what God commands of us, but it will also be supporting one another to realize their full potential and the gifts they have to offer. GCS and the Safe Schools Committee is encouraging families to continue this conversation at home and explore how we can all be a light for each other and those around us. 





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