GCS Bazaar 2017

Posted by GCS Office Admin on 11/25/2017

Today marks the first Grace Christian School Bazaar in our new building, and this year did not disappoint! 

The turnout was fanastic and the school was filled with people! Did they come because of the wider hallways that allowed for smoother traffic flow (and for strollers!)? Maybe they came because of the bigger gym that had more seating and made manovering around with a tray full of food easier. Image may contain: foodIt could have been the lure of coming out to see our brand new building. 

   It may have been all of those, but it was also most certainly due to all the hard work done by the PTA, room leaders and all the volunteers. 

This year the running of the bazaar was under new management, and that is no small undertaking. The room leaders consisted of  seasoned veterans as well as some new leadership. Everyone involved spent a lot of time and energy to make the bazaar enjoyable for all.

If you made it to the bazaar, hopefully you were able to see the tea room, meat/cheese/produce/candy room, toy & games rooms, vendors room, bake room, artisan room, wintergreens and finally stop in the gym for a delicious lunch! 

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No automatic alt text available.It's a lot of work, but in the end it all paid off.

We are excited to announce that this year the bazaar made around $30,000.

Congratulations to the PTA and all the volunteers.

     A big THANK YOU to all who came today to support our school.

                                     We look forward to seeing you all again in November 2018. Image may contain: food



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