April Adventures

Posted by GCS Office Admin on 6/18/2018

The Creation Celebration

On Thursday, April 26, our school worked together to celebrate and protect God’s creation. The grade 4-8 students went up and down Millgrove Sideroad to clean the ditches from Highway 5 up to the Dutch Mill. Meanwhile, the K-3 students picked up garbage from around the school property. Our other task was to plant trees, so one day they could stand tall and provide fresh air, shade, and to block the wind. Hopefully, in ten years, we can come back and see how tall our trees have grown. This day was a beautiful, sunny day to give back to God for what He gave us.


 Before we started the Creation Celebration we had an opening assembly.



A determined student to clean the ditches and keep God’s creation clean.

One of the groups planting their trees in the back of the school.


The Chess Tournament

Connor Dykstra, Evan Muis, and Tristan Schenkel went to the chess tournament to represent our school. They went to Maranatha Christian School in Fergus on Thursday, April 12. They got two places better than last time, so overall they did well.


Mr. Kok taking a selfie at the chess tournament with Evan, Connor, and Tristan.


Book Character Day

On Friday, April 6, our school had book character day! The students dressed up as their favourite book characters. We had a parade in the gym so everyone could see each other’s awesome costumes, and we were glad to see how many participants we had!


Recess Forts

It seems that in our school yard, a new neighbourhood is growing! Students of many ages have been creating forts all around the playground, fields, and fences during recesses. They construct them out of wood planks, straw, rocks, and sticks found around the yard.

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